Amreeka 0+

Cherien Dabis, USA - CDN 2009, English-Arabic version / Czech and English subtitles, 96 min

The story of a Palestinian woman immigrating to the US – Amreeka (America in Arabic) chronicles the adventures of Muna – a divorced Christian from West Bank. She and her son move to a small town in Illinois, in search of a better future. There, her teenage son navigates through college corridors in a similar way as he did through military checkpoints before, while Muna – a bank clerk with 10 year experience in banking and fluency in two languages – tries to make ends meet doing the only job she managed to find: frying hamburgers.

Very informal and sensitive, the movie looks at immigrant issues and nostalgia for home, as well as the after-9/11 anti-Muslim feelings of some Americans at the time of US invasion of Iraq. However, most of all it highlights the unprejudiced and direct character of Muna which sparks new friendships and enables the viewer see non-stereotypical portrayals of the characters.

The movie was in the Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival and has received many awards – in the Cannes, Dubai, and Cairo Film Festivals.

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