América 0+

Erick Stoll, Chase Whiteside, USA 2018, 76 min

After an accident, América, aged 93, relies on the help of her 3 grandsons. Although she can barely move and is no longer quite with it, just her presence has a unifying effect on the whole family.

After América has an accident at home, her son is arrested for neglect. But someone must care for the dependent América. Diego, her middle grandson returns from the USA, where he went to follow his dreams, in order to help his brother, Rodrigo, with the caregiving and so that they can get their father released from prison. Their other brother, Bruno, joins them later. The film captures the daily loving, but complicated, family interactions revolving around América. Set against the backdrop of caring for her, the 3 estranged siblings look for a path to each other, to family values, and to their own lives.


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