Alexandra 0+

(Aleksandra), Aleksandr Sokurov, RUS 2007, Russian-Chechen version / Czech andEnglish subtitles , 95 min

More and more obvious ambition of Alexander Sokurov is to place in his movies such characters that would represent the symbols of his native country. By casting the soprano Galina Visnevska, a real icon of Russian culture, he fulfilled his purpose in Alexandra. The main character (a curvy old woman) coming to Chechen front to visit her grandson clearly represents the Mother Russia. She is trying to put together the pieces of family relationships and destructive regional conflict in destroyed wasteland. Even though the film deals with war, it still harbors sort of a calming strength; it removes the viewer from traumatic experience and approaches him towards transcendence. Alexandra is a non political statement – amazes by author’s monologue, same as the main character goes through meditative story always accompanied by sighs, tired gasps and inarticulate babbling.


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