Akcept 0+

Jan Hubáček, CZ , Czech version, 84 min

Composer, Lucie, remains enclosed in her world of emotionless music. But can art be a rational matter? Lucie is a contemporary composer and since childhood, music has meant everything for her. But her experimental approach is becoming more and more bizarre. Lucie “stitches” her pieces together based on knitting patterns or water turbine schemes. For the general public, however, this kind of approach is hard to accept. Lucie tries not to be superficial or undersell herself just to be popular amongst the audience. She avoids projecting any emotion or trying to tell a story in her music. She places authenticity above everything else. Therefore, she often encounters performers that do not want to play her pieces or listeners that cover their ears. However, Lucie doesn’t give up and sacrifices everything for her music. She has abandoned her personal life, striving, instead, for a society that is more open to fresh and unexplored things. Her new composition, Accept, becomes a success, and she leaves to study more in the USA. On stage, Lucie gathers acclaim, but her personal life remains empty. When she is suddenly struck by the loss of someone close, Lucie remains adrift alone in unexplored corners of sound and noise. Is she still able to compose music without any emotion? Answers to these questions tried to find the director Jan Hubacek in his debut documentary film.



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