African Underground: Democracy in Dakar 0+

Ben Herson, SN - F - USA 2007, English-French version / Czech subtitles, 67 min
African Underground: Democracy in Dakar

In Senegal, home to one of Africa's most vibrant hip-hop scenes and a significant under-25 population, rap and politics are indivisible. The hip-hop community's highly public support was crucial to reform candidate Abdoulaye Wade's win over an entrenched Socialist government in the 2000 election. Seven years later, Wade is the entrenched incumbent, accused of corruption and blamed by many for the economic crisis plaguing -the country. Democracy in Dakar follows Senegal's 2007 presidential election through the eyes of its rappers, from local ghetto MCs to international stars like Didier Awadi and Pee Froiss, navigating the waters between disillusion and hope and making music their weapon.


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