Afghánistán | The Road to Peace 0+

(Afghánistán | Na cestě k míru), 2019, Czech, 120 min
Afghánistán | The Road to Peace

Admission is not available at the box office in advance. It is paid on the spot before the show.

The Afghan conflict is the longest one in the last 400 years in which Czechs participated. NATO has never lead a longer war. How did Afghanistan change after the allies' 18-year intervention and what role do Czechs play in this? How do ordinary Afghans look at our actions? And why does it make sense to continue investing millions of dollars a week in a country where even the central government is not working? Our reporters have been one of the few who dared to enter the world's second most dangerous country to bring you answers to these questions.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the reporter Vojtěch Boháč, who will be happy to share his experience in the field with you.

Admission: student 120 CZK | adults 150 CZK


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