Adelheid 0+

František Vláčil, Československo 1969, czech version, 99 min

"The first colour film by Czech master František Vláčil (director of the dazzling The Valley of the Bees and Marketa Lazarová), Adelheid is a tragic love story, a controversial and emotional tale of two lovers trapped in the march of history. 

Set in the aftermath of WWII, the film charts the relationship between Viktor, a Czech airman returning home who is assigned a large Sudetenland mansion on the Czech-German border, and Adelheid, daughter of the former Nazi owner, who is allocated to him as a servant. Adelheid and Viktor are gradually attracted to each other and although neither speaks the other's language, they begin a tentative - but doomed - affair. 

A compelling love story that transcends the absence of verbal communication highlighting the pain of a country in defeat, Adelheid was also the first film to controversially address the Czech treatment of German's during the expulsions of the mid-1940's."
- Second Run

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