Aconcagua+Iceland - Where Everything Begins+In the Starlight+King of the Mountains 0+

Různí režiséři, 2018, original version / Czech subtitles, 97 min
Aconcagua+Iceland - Where Everything Begins+In the Starlight+King of the Mountains


The highest mountain outside of Asia and one of the seven summits, Aconcagua, towers above the surrounding Andes. This charming film shot by an individual amateur climbing analyses what it takes to summit and traverse such an imposing mountain as it is tackled by novice climbers.

Iceland - Where Everything Begins

V krátkém cestopisném filmu se podařilo zachytit velké množství krásných míst na Islandu v necelých pěti minutách!

In the Starlight

In the Starlight is an intimate portrait exploring the passionate spirit of the Canadian outdoor photographer Paul Zizka. Through individualistic and distinctive photographies, Paul specializes in images of the Canadian Rockies, adventurous pursuits and hard-to-reach places. Most of his photographs are taken in the mountain environment, during the darkest hours of the night under star-filled skies. While going on new astrophography adventures, Paul tries to balance family, travel and work as one of his biggest challenges. For his forthcoming expedition to Greenland, Paul hopes to capture the northern lights in one of the most impressive and rugged mountain area of Southern Greenland.


King of the Mountains

Daniel Teklehaimanot je ikonou africké cyklistiky! Účastnil se řady mezinárodních soutěží včetně Olympiády.


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