Something to Remember Me by 0+

(Para que no me olvides), Patricia Ferreira, ŠPA 2005, Spanish version / simultaneous translation to Czech, 106 min

Irene lives with her father Mateo a kindly and lively old gentlemen in spite of his tragic past, and her twenty-two-year-old son, David. These three live a perfectly harmonious existence. But then David decides to move out of the family home and live with his girlfriend Clara instead. Irene sees her father’s condonation of David’s plans as a case of male chumminess, and this causes hitherto unknown tensions between mother and son to come to the fore. Their conflict comes to a head, and, in order to continue living together they find themselves obliged to re-interpret their relationship. Especially because of the great cast of characters, we can all relate to their complicated life situation.

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