Absolventské filmy žáků Otakara Vávry 0+

Various, ČR 2000, Czech version, 0 min

Black and White Sylva | Jan Schmidt | BW | 27 min.
A graduation film project based on a story by another famous representative of the Czech New Wave. In the midst of the viewers in a cinema watching the new Czech movie «Love between the Panels", the heroine of the story, the bricklayer Sylva, falls out of the screen. The viewers are appalled by her materialization. But the vigorous Sylva is quick to manage her situation: she sets off to meet those who created her - the scriptwriter, the director and the producer. These, however, are not pleased to see her. The girl does not have an identification card, a permanent residence or other documents and, without these, she has no right to exist. Sylva bursts into tears and leaves with Poroba, a student of the Prague's Film and TV School, FAMU. He takes her to the school and along with his friends teaches Sylva how to behave like a normal girl. Sylva nevertheless remains the model "stakhanovite" woman from the superproductive gang of Máňa Volfová, as she was created that way by the scriptwriter. Eventually, she runs away from the students and arrives at a real construction site. There, she drives an old experienced bricklayer crazy with her endless stream of didactic clichés...

The Tourist | Evald Schorm | BW | 23 min.
This graduation film project has resulted from the director's co-operation with his fellow student from the department of scriptwriting. Václav Hrdlička, a "notorious absentee and drifter", is restless. He works as a tractor driver on a big construction site. Having no wife or children, he lives in a cheerless dormitory and borrows money. His master at work reproaches him, everybody laughs at him and no one trusts him. People nickname him Tourist [Turista] for his unsteadiness. Václav is fond of the publican Věra and she cares for him, too. However, Václav is unreliable and whenever his partner needs him the most, he is not there. Věra would like to finally settle down and is getting tired of their relationship. She gives Václav the last chance when she moves to a new apartment. Václav promises to help her with the tractor. However, he is transferred to a new job as an auxiliary and has to surrender the tractor. The sad Tourist sets off again. On the train, he meets a girl and tells her about…

Father's Way | Karel Němec | 1963 | BW | 17 min.
It is Saturday and holidaymakers and hikers have begun to fill the train. They are joined by lumberjacks who have finished their work for the week. Old Josef and his son Karel were caught in a storm on their way home and found shelter in a little forest lodge. There, they meet a gamekeeper and two young lumberjacks. Josef is looking forward to his vacation, which he and his son are going to take the next week. After the rain, they set off again. Josef preaches to his son about the necessity of dividing their work, in order not to end up exhausted at the end of the week, as is Karel's case at the moment. The storm has knocked two trees over onto the railway track, and there is a danger that a train may crash into them soon. Exhausted though they are, the two men summon the last of their strength to cut the trunks and remove the wood from the track. When, dead tired and staggering, they meet the holidaymakers who have just got off the train in the village, they are mistaken for drunks from the pub. However, Josef ignores what they say and…

The Ceiling | Věra Chytilová | BW | 41 min.
A graduation film project based on a story by another famous representative of the Czech New Wave. The life of the charming model Marta is one of unchanging routine. During the day - fittings of dresses and costumes and preparation for the fashion show and in the evening - presentation of new collections. Later in the evening a meeting with her boyfriend Julián in the Olympia Grill Bar and a night spent together. One day Marta meets her old schoolmate Honza in the street. Honza thinks that Marta is studying medicine in Prague. He introduces her to his friends Pepa and Jarda and they lunch together in the university refectory. After meeting students of the same age, Marta realizes how meaningless her life is. A night quarrel with superficial Julián speeds up her decision and, before morning, she leaves the sleeping man. At dawn, after a night journey through Prague, she ends up near a field of waving corn. Marta is suddenly sure that she can start again…

Our Mr. Foerster Died | Jiří Menzel | BW | 14 min.
It is a bright summer afternoon in the Prague Lesser Town district. In a backyard, a young woman hangs out laundry singing simple melodies in a clear voice. On a little chair under a wall, a grey-haired man basks in the sun, recalling his memories from long ago and talking about his desire to visit France to see with his own eyes the places where his favourite painters used to work. The young woman has a different idea of beauty and classical music seems boring to her. The peaceful moment is disturbed by a woman from a neighbouring palace who strikes a black flag out of the window. "Who died?" "Our Mr. Foerster died," the woman responds. All of a sudden, the seemingly abandoned place quickens and a choir clad in black gathers in front of the house where composer Foerster was born in the second half of the l9th century to say good-bye with music to the great artist who died that sunny day. The woman and the old man, moved, listen to the sublime song.


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