Opening hours

Monday – Friday 13:00 - 0:00
Weekend 12:30 - 0:00


Booking tables is possible right on the bar or on the cellphone +420 778 474 599.


Videokavárna is special place in Centralbar for screening, play music, try DJing or VJing, listening poetry or for some discussions. Every Monday is documentary movie here. For booking contact us on pr@biocentral.cz.

Drink to the cinema

You can also take some drink or small refreshment to the cinema from the bar. But only in plastic or in the bottle.

Free tap water for everyone

Tap water is free of course - for your need or to the bowl for your dog.

Take away

Také away is possible.

Wifi connection

Wifi free in whole cinema and the bar. Password check by our service on the bar or on the ticket office.

The Cement Garden

Place for barbecue, meeting friends or for sun bathing. A small piece of the court with fresh mint or other herbs. The best place for coffee and cigarettes. Open from spring to autumn to 10 p.m.

Operated by

Centrální kino s.r.o., Karla IV. 774, 500 02, Hradec Králové, IČO 28856376, DIČ CZ28856376

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